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Emigrating in an Emergency

Updated: Feb 18

In the wake of the Israeli - Hamas conflict, the US Department of Homeland Security has announced no specific program for those seeking to emigrate to the US to escape the violence (not even temporarily). Instead, DHS encourages those in the path of the conflict or suffering from the effects thereof to take advantage of existing programs such as Humanitarian Parole.

We at Hannibal Legal believe this is inadequate and that Palestinians and Israelis looking to come to the US either temporarily or permanently deserve a program that gives them a specific path to legal status.

If you have a family member in or near Gaza or displaced because of the violence, if they wish to come to the US or are already here without permission to remain, feel free to contact us. Choosing between Humanitarian Parole, Family Reunification, and Asylum can be confusing. We can help you decide the best path to status. We of course are sensitive to the urgency and thus can offer discounted rates and payment plans so we can work together to get your family member to safety as soon as possible.

Blog posts do not constitute legal advice nor representation. Consult us or another attorney of your choosing before acting.

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