Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

Even in situations where all parties involved share the same goal, misunderstandings can arise. May a public speaker record and upload to her personal YouTube channel her keynote address? If a tattoo artist creates an original image, does the bearer of the tattoo own the copyright to that image? Have your rights and responsibilities clearly delineated in a written agreement. We can write, edit, explain, negotiate, and/or offer our professional opinion on your music, film, modeling, graphic design, visual art, and speaking engagement agreements.

Packaged and Flat Rate Services (not inclusive of registration fees or any required travel):


Recording Music

On My Own

$1,500 - $3,000

Singer/Rapper/Instrumentalist releasing an album without a third party recording company

  • Formation of Recording company as a Limited Liability Company in your state

  • Artist-Producer Agreement(s) (up to five)

  • Session Musician Work-For-Hire Agreement(s) (up to five)

  • Mechanical License for Cover Songs (up to five)

  • Copyright Registration

Business Card

Trademark Application 
Does not include application fee

  • Initial Consultation

  • Legal Research

  • Completion and e-filing of application

  • Answering requests from agency for more information and non-final denial (if any)

  • Up to 3 "cease & desist" letters within the first year of registration 

Signing Contract

Two Party Entertainment Contract


Does Not Include Active Negotiations or Agency

  • Initial Consultation

  • Write two-party contract to your specifications in fields of entertainment (examples: Artist-Recording Company, Artist-Producer, Management, Live Performance, Modeling, Book Publication, Painting Commission)

  • Legal Research

  • Explanation of Terms

  • Final Edits and Changes

Film Reels

Review for Legal Issues


For unpublished works of art

  • Initial Consultation (15 – 30 mins)

  • Legal Research

  • Review of unpublished work (fewer than 20 pages of text, fewer than 20 minutes of audio or video, or smaller than 100 X 100 inches of visual art)

  • Analyze for possible trademark or copyright violations, the “fair use” exception thereto, and possible liability for libel/slander/defamation

  • Extended Consultation (30 - 40 mins)

  • Written Summary of Consultation

  • Final Review after suggested changes

Mixing Music

Freshman Freshness 

$1,500 - $3,000

New hip-hop producer shopping production to indie hip-hop artists

  • Formation of entertainment company as a Limited Liability Company in your state

  • Negotiation of Artist-Producer Agreement(s) in first year (up to five)

  • Session Musician Work-For-Hire Agreement(s) in first year (up to five)

  • Template for Production Lease Agreement (beats for limited use available for download online)

  • Copyright Registration of unpublished production (up to ten)

Person Writing

Copyright Registration 


Per application, Does not include registration fee

  • Initial Consultation

  • Legal Research

  • Conversion of images/audio/text to accepted format

  • Completion and e-filing of application(s)

  • Answering requests from agency for more information (if any)

  • Up to three "takedown" notices within the first year of registration

Digital Contract

Contract Template 


In Entertainment Fields

  • Initial Consultation

  • Create contract template for use in volume services (examples: Work-for-Hire, Release of Liability for appearance in Documentary/YouTube Channel, Lease of Copyright, Party Entertainer Appearance)

  • Fillable PDF format

  • Legal Research and Updates (if needed) for 3 months

Artist Sketching

Picture This 

$750 - $1,500

Visual artist accepting commissions

  • Formation of arts company as a Limited Liability Company in your state

  • Template Work-For-Hire Agreement with retention of copyrights

  • Template Lease Agreement (for limited use of images available online)

  • Copyright Registration of unpublished works (up to ten)

Signing Contract

Contract Review


With Consultation

  • Initial Consultation (15 – 30 mins)

  • Review of contract (20 pages or fewer) offered

  • Legal Research

  • Extended Consultation (45 – 60 mins)

  • Professional Opinion about if the contract is a “good deal”

  • Written Summary of our Consultation

  • Answer Follow up Questions

Traffic Lights

"Cease & Desist" Letter 


Do Not Include Representation in Court

  • Initial Consultation

  • Legal Research

  • Write and mail letter to party in violation of your trademark, your copyright, or their contractual obligation

  • Follow up with other party via email or phone

  • Send “takedown” notice to third party content provider (if applicable, where available)

   20+ Years of Combined Experience

Request a Consultation 

Whether you were just offered a contract for exploitation of your artistic talents or you are in need of an agreement to commission the art of another, contact us today for an initial consultation. Special student and non-profit pricing available. 

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