Business Formation

Small Business Formation

Which business type is right for your entrepreneurial pursuits? S-Corp, LLC, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship, let us explain the benefits and responsibilities of each of these entities, help you decide which most closely accomplishes your goals, and assist you in the legal formation thereof. As well, we can guide you in outlining the rights and responsibilities of all co-owners as well as create, edit, negotiate independent contractor agreements for all your Business-to-Business needs.

Packaged Services Available at Flat-Rate (not inclusive of registration fees or any required travel)​

Jazz Band

Jazz Café

$950 - $1,500

Small Restaurant or coffee house offering live & recorded music

  • Register restaurant management company as an LLC or S-Corp

  • Register "Doing Business As" name in your state of operation 

  • Obtain license to play copyrighted music

  • Template "house band" agreement

  • Review and edit performance contracts in the first year (up to six)

Public Speaker

Professor By Day

$1,000 - $3,000

Academic offering consultation services apart from university duties

  • Register consultation company as LLC or S-Corp

  • Review employment contract and assist with forms required by university for work outside of the university

  • Negotiate consultation agreements in first year (up to five)

  • Review and edit speaker's agreements in first year (up to five)

  • Review and advise on any potential exposures to liability in personal blog and/or YouTube channel in first year (up to five postings)

Ready for the Workout

Workouts That Workout

$950 - $1,500

Personal trainer holding session in public outdoor space

  • Register personal training company as LLC or S-Corp

  • Obtain license to play copyrighted music

  • Offer consultation and advise on rights and responsibilities in agreements with city, county or municipality for commercial use of public space (negotiation thereof, New York only)

  • Create template service agreement with standard waiver of liability and CoVID-19 waiver of liability

  • Respond to demand letters from aggrieved former customers, if any, in first year (up to five; court appearance not included, available in New York only for an additional fee)

Non-Profit Registration

Your desire to help others is admirable. Let us assist you in setting up your non-profit as a legal entity and creating agreements for and between all co-founders as well as volunteers. Special pricing available. 

  20+ Years  of Combined Experience 

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Turn your amazing ideas for a physical business, online business, or non-profit into a legal reality. Special pricing available for students and non-profits.

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