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Our Fees

Nuestros arreglos de tarifas varían desde una base de contingencia hasta tarifas planas o por hora, dependiendo de cuáles sean sus necesidades. Comuníquese con nosotros para una consulta inicial para que podamos discutir sus necesidades legales específicas y evaluar los honorarios legales correspondientes.


Our fee arrangements range from contingency basis, to flat or hourly rates, depending on what your needs are. Please contact us for an initial consultation so that we can discuss your specific legal needs and assess the corresponding legal fees.

Important Things To Know 

Initial Consultation Phase

Your initial consultation will be free of charge. Please note that your initial consultation will not be with a lawyer. Initial consultations are held by administrative support staff that will assist you in completing our initial consultation form so that we can better understand your legal issues and answer any additional questions you may have. If you have any documents you think the lawyer should examine we will make copies for the lawyer to do so along with your completed initial consultation form. Once the lawyer has looked over your completed form along with any pertinent documents you may have, if he or she decides to take your case a virtual conference will be scheduled between you and the lawyer so that you may discuss the options about your case as well as the arrangement of the legal fees involved. If the legal fees will be on a contingency basis 33% is what is customary, but it can be less, or on a sliding scale depending on the nature of your situation; for hourly or flat rates please see below. If the lawyer decides not to take your case, our staff will contact you immediately to notify you, you will receive a declination letter from the lawyer explaining the reasons for declining to take your case within 7 business days of your initial inquiry to our firm. There will be no charges to you resulting from this initial consultation phase. The entire initial consultation phase takes 3-5 business days depending on your availability and the availability of the lawyer. 


If after you have completed your initial consultation phase, you decide you wish to move forward with hiring our firm, you must sign a RETAINER and CONSENT AGREEMENT so that our firm is able to represent you and begin working on your case as soon as possible.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU CHOOSE TO HIRE OUR FIRM, REPRESENTATION CANNOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU HAVE SIGNED BOTH A RETAINER AND CONSENT AGREEMENT EVEN IF YOU VERBALLY SAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO MOVE FORWARD WITH THE HIRING OF OUR FIRM DURING YOUR CONFERENCE CALL. It is not necessary for you to make a hiring decision at the end of your conference call.

Legal & Auditing Advice

If what you require instead is Legal & Auditing Advice, and wish to schedule a meeting directly with a lawyer, bypassing the initial consultation phase; this service is also available at the hourly rate. Currently our hourly rates range from $550 to $750 an hour depending on the complexity of the subject matter and the number of hours for which you require the services. If you are uncertain as to whether you require this level of service we strongly encourage you to go through the initial consultation phase as a first step.   

Administrative Advocacy and Other Non-Legal

Case Management Services

If what you require is less of a lawyer and more of an administrative advocate, someone to assist you with completing legal forms, or navigating an administrative process you have already started with a government agency such as Social Security Administration or the state's Medicaid Program; then this tier of services may be all you need. Prices at this capacity of service range from a flat fee of $99 to $499 and services are rendered by expert administrative staff with over a decade of experience serving clients in this capacity.     

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