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Team Work(ing)

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I get it. When engaging me or another attorney for legal services, the price tag on the invoice could be anywhere between one month's rent on a downtown studio apartment to the sticker price of a brand new luxury sports car. With that level of investment, it's tempting to assume your attorney will do "everything." I've had prospective clients come to me lamenting that their last attorney-client relationship did not end in a recording contract with a major label, deeply implying this is the fault of their former attorney. Almost invariably, the response to my questions of how involved was the manager and talent agent is "I don't have one."

Your entertainment attorney is an important part of your team, but he/she cannot be your entire team. Just as I would frown upon a manager editing a recording contract or a talent agent sending out a "cease and desist" letter, nor would I step into their arenas and have the temerity to be comfortable. We here at Hannibal Legal stand ready to assist you with all your legal needs and equally ready to work with the rest of your team toward a common goal of a successful album/film/play/photoshoot.

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