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Cover Band Not Covered

Updated: Apr 21

The legal landscape for cover bands can be difficult to navigate. In general, any singer that pays the licensing fee may legally perform or record another artist's songs. However, this is not a license (pun intended) to imitate any and all facets of the band whose music they are covering.

For example, legendary band Earth, Wind, and Fire recently successfully sued a cover band it felt went well beyond what the law allowed. Not stopping at just singing the hits, this cover band used Earth, Wind, and Fire's trademarked stage name and logo.

In today's "post first, go viral, then figure it out" environment we can see how easy it is to get in trouble. If your band has found social media success with a song cover, before you go any further, you may wish to talk to an attorney to make sure your internet fame doesn't end in a cease and desist letter. Contact us at Hannibal Legal. We can walk you through all the steps you should take to make sure your song/video is in compliance.

Your talent has gotten you this far; let us help you make sure no legal roadblocks stunt your rise. See you at the top!

Blog posts do not constitute legal advice nor representation. Consult us or another attorney of your choosing before acting.

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